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An affordable, practical, fully featured board game table. 100% hardwood, now available in two sizes! Ships to US & Canada

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Happy Chinese New Year! CNY 2020 Update
13 days ago – Tue, Feb 04, 2020 at 12:35:32 AM

Hey Realmfolk!

Wow I am so happy to be home and done with travelling (at least for now).  As many of you have guessed, I was in some locations of interest to many these days.  I arrived in Shanghai the same day the first case of Corona virus was reported in that city.  Zhumadian, the city where our factory is located, is in the Henan province, just north of Wuhan, aka ground zero for the Corona virus outbreak.  And I flew out of China from Beijing, right when the Chinese government announced the outbreak which included 11 cases in the nation's capitol.

I've been back in the US now for almost 4 weeks, and neither I nor the people I've interacted with have shown symptoms, which as you can imagine is a huge relief.  A fair bit of time has been spent ensuring my own health and the safety of my friends and family (as well as some other unrelated complications), so I do apologize for missing my mid-month update in January.  But let's look ahead to the next couple of months!

What is the Corona Virus doing to our timeline?

First off, yes the recent events in China are messing with our schedule. The current major change is the extension of the Chinese New Year holiday.  This extension applies to our factory, which was planning to prep and ship our first 100 tables after the new year.  This extension didn't add too much to our table timeline, but it is also affecting our production of playfields.  I don't have exact details on how much of an impact this will have (waiting to hear back from the supplier), but if we have an extended delay, we may just ship the tables first.  I'll know for sure by the next update.

Secondly, there has been essentially a travel ban from China to the US until April.  This is impacting Michael, as he was planning to come to the US to handle certain business related tasks.  I can't say for sure that this ban will affect our shipping timeline, but if we end up being blocked by an inability to handle some in-person tasks, well it might come back into play.  For now though, it mostly means we won't have Michael around for those first shipments (a real bummer for me personally!).

What about the first 100 tables?  Am I part of that list?  Also Messages?

Okay!  So now that I'm back and settled at home, I will begin sending messages to those individuals who are part of the first wave.  As some of you know, my invaluable KS partner Mike has been busy lately so responses here in the comments may slow down, but I think the right priority is responding to private messages and notifying early backers.

As we've said from the beginning, who gets a table is prioritized first on logistical considerations, and second on backer order.  I will definitely try to get those of you who backed early on and stuck with us through everything because you are all darlins.  Once everyone has been notified, I'll post an update so we know for sure.  Also, if you pre-ordered a table after the KS ended, you are part of the pool of potential First 100.

If you have sent a message, expect it to be replied to this week!

Finally, I will be adding things to the store this week that I know folks have been waiting for.  If you are part of the First 100 and you want to order additional things (like legs, acrylic etc), we'll have that conversation through messages so I can ensure we get everyone what they want and time to think about it.

Thanks everyone!

I can't tell you how happy I am to be home with my family and friends!  Like many of you, I am re-energized by the amazing progress I saw on this last trip, and I really can't wait to get our tables out in the wild for everyone to enjoy.  I'll talk to y'all soon!


The Factory Tour
about 1 month ago – Sat, Jan 11, 2020 at 12:11:17 AM

Hey guys, I can't wait any longer to share this with you!  I've got some basic video of the factory and a full demo of our first real actual production table (as in it was put together using parts from the first 100 tables).  I'm still on the road (posting this at a Starbucks) so I can't sit down to go through Mike's questions or the comments yet, but I will post another video that does that in the next several days.

In the meantime, I absolutely cannot wait for you guys to see these tables!  Take a look!

  • 0:00 - 03:40 - Travelling to the factory
  • 03:40 - Internal Components
  • 05:25 - Risers
  • 06:05 - Floor (bottom of the table vault)
  • 06:20 - Legs
  • 06:50 - Leaves
  • 07:00 - Skirts and Frames
  • 07:55 - Risers
  • 08:20 - Another look at components
  • 09:15 - A look at components being produced
  • 11:00 - Leg size comparison
  • 12:35 - Factory painting and curing area
  • 13:35 - Chairs being dried and cured
  • 16:10 - LEDs in table
  • 17:15 - USB and AC ports, and switches
  • 18:30 - Skirts and rail accessories
  • 19:30 - Riser installation
  • 20:45 - Table height measurements
  • 21:30 - Leaf assembly (dining table side)
  • 22:10 - Leaf lifter demo
  • 22:35 - Leaf assembly (recessed side)
  • 23:05 - Recessed tabletop up close
  • 25:00 - Chair height with table demonstration
  • 25:55 - Weathertop and Veldt shelves attached to the table
  • 26:55 - Installing risers
  • 27:15 - Chair with risers height demonstration

New Year's pre-update "I'm Alive" post
about 1 month ago – Sun, Jan 05, 2020 at 03:01:46 PM

Hey Realm Dwellers!

Apologies for no info just yet; I'm deep in the heart of China, visiting the factory.  I have tons of great footage, and lots of video and info that I know you all are dying for!  But the Internet here S-U-C-K-S!  I am just posting while I have enough data to let you know that I am working on a big update that I will post as soon as I possibly can (probably either in about 18 hours or 30 hours).  Here are the hits:

I've seen the tables, they are this close to being in boxes!  We have 2 delays from factories producing components, and rather that rush to try and beat the Chinese new year, we're going to wait until after to get everything properly boxed and on boats.  The first 100 will ship in mid-February, and the second they arrive in US safe and sound, we'll begin production on the rest.  Fingers crossed, we'll have the last of the original backer and pre-order tables built and on a boat by May (big ol grain of salt here, but keep in mind these estimates are now coming from the source directly, and so are much less likely to be  wrong).  After that, expect tables to begin showing up in retail (!).

Once I'm back, I will be at CES, and PAX South (as an attendee, but I would be happy to set up some time to let folks come chat at either event).

Ok that's it for now; full update with video coming as soon as I can internet better!


12/15 Video Update!
2 months ago – Mon, Dec 16, 2019 at 01:52:58 AM

Hey Everyone!

Nathan just did about an hour livestream on Twitch, and the theme of the update was transparency, transparency, transparency. I know last time I wrote out bulleted notes, but I don't really want to risk misrepresenting anything Nathan said in the video, so I'm going to leave it as such. It is well worth your time and I think it will answer a lot of questions. There's also pictures and video of the tables that he went through during the livestream.


Information and post technical difficulties start at 6:10 on the timeline.

As always, leave any questions or comments below!

Early December/Nathan in China Update!
2 months ago – Sun, Dec 08, 2019 at 12:47:27 AM

Hello Backers!

This is going to be another good news/bad news post (yay!). I'll start with the bad news. We are not going to hit the delivery date that we wanted, and I don't have an exact timeline, but I assume it will likely be one to three months (since we're not going to hit the date, we may have to wait until after Chinese New Year).

What I've been learning over the last few days in China is that Michael has been careless with the details and has been providing his estimates (which I have been giving to you) off of bad information. I should have been more aggressive with obtaining hard details, and I apologize for not getting there soomer. The good news is that I am now taking point on interacting with the factory and therefore will have much more accurate timeline dates going forward. I'm also now taking a managerial role in production, which means there will be a lot more transparency and a lot less "I don't have exact information for you, but I will soon (yes, I get the irony here)."

All that being said, production is still happening and we are all still going to get our tables. I don't want anyone to think that the project is falling through or anything like that. On the contrary, I hope everyone gets excited after looking at some of the photos at the bottom of this update!

Some of you had unanswered questions that Mike compiled earlier today. He answered what he could and forwarded the rest on to me:

  • What happened with the PM locking all of a sudden for some backers?

Like we said before, it was a mistake. I was trying to set the PMs to lock on a certain future date and accidentally locked them immediately. I've started to respond to the people who messaged him and will continue to do so while I'm in China.

  • Can we get a firm answer on whether or not Chicago will be a local pickup option?

Not yet, unfortunately. However, Chicago may still be an option, the new factory has new shipping options that he'll be discussing while I'm in China.  More details toward the end of the trip.

  • Are third-party add-ons still shipping ahead of time?

They will probably ship separately, and I think that might be able to begin next month!  We might even be able to do local pickup in Seattle for accessories before anything else.

  • Are there going to be more PMs closed for the first shipment? If so, when will backers know if they're going to be on it?

It's looking that way. I will contact anyone who's PM will close ahead of time.

  • What will happen if someone chooses local pickup and they aren’t around during the pickup window? Will tables be held somewhere?

Yes, they'll be in a warehouse, for Seattle at least we can be very flexible here.  Other locations we'll play by ear for now.

  • Are any of the PMs that were locked going to be unlocked for people to make changes/upgrades?

Yes this is still happening, I haven't made changes in the PM, but I am addressing folks who messaged me.  I'll respond to them while I'm in China as things solidify.

Pictures! Unfortunately, the playfields (and electronics) are not in the same area as the tables, so while there are assembled tables in these photos, they don't have the playfields in them. I will be getting pictures of them inside the tables before I leave China, but they weren't available when I first arrived. We could have waited to post photos, but I know everyone wanted to see an assembled table, so we felt like it was best to give you what we could right away.

I know the timeline isn't as far along as any of us would have liked. I know this update will probably be a pretty big let-down for some people, but it does feel good to see an assembled table! And, despite the delays, we're finally in the spot we should have been before. We sincerely apologize for not having accurate information about the status of the tables in the past. It's one of the tough things about working across multiple countries and with an intermediary. Despite the timeline change, I think we're in a pretty great spot to have more transparency and accuracy going forward.

As always, please leave any questions or comments below!