2nd Breakfast: An Affordable, Quality Board Game Table

Created by Wooded Realms

An affordable, practical, fully featured board game table. 100% hardwood, now available in two sizes! Ships to US & Canada

Latest Updates from Our Project:

October 12th Livestream Link and Question/Answer List
7 days ago – Tue, Oct 15, 2019 at 03:19:03 AM

Hello, Realmsfolk!

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the livestream in person! Nathan answered a ton of questions and we had a few more added by folks attending.

Here is the link to the livestream VOD if you weren't able to catch it live. I'm also posting my written notes from the livestream, but keep in mind that they're summaries. You'll get more complete answers by watching the video.

And now the written livestream Q&A!

  • What is the newest projected timeline for the tables?

The plan is to ship within the next couple weeks, pending any changes from Michael. The tables need to be shipped out before December to avoid the tariffs, so the goal is to have ALL tables for backers shipped before December.

  • When the tables do ship, do we need to arrange a time for delivery or are they just going to leave them at our doors?

You’ll most likely have to arrange for delivery to have someone available to sign for and be available for delivery. These are large furniture items, and they generally don’t just get left at your door. Last mile delivery still needs to be nailed down, and we’ll update everyone as that happens.

  • What is the timeline for those not included in the first round?

As soon as the tables start shipping, our estimate is that new containers will be shipping every other week. The estimated production capacity is about 500 tables per month, so that’s the biggest restriction on shipping times.

  • Who can expect to receive their tables in the first shipment?

Most likely the first shipment will be solely local pick up in Seattle. It’s possible that some other tables will make it on, but it looks to be primarily Seattle.

  • How many tables are being shipped in this first run?

We’ll ship as many tables as we can fit in the container on this first run. The current estimate on how many that is is between 100-200 tables, but that’s just an estimate. Once we see how many tables will fit in this first container, we’ll have a better idea of volume going forward.

  • Will XL tables be included in the first shipment, notably for local pick-up in Seattle?

Yes, both sizes of tables will be in the first shipment.

  • What is the ETA for table legs and any other add-ons being added to the Pledge Manager?

They’ll likely be added on Monday or Tuesday. There is still a little bit of work that needs to be done before they can go live in the Pledge Manager.

  • Can we get an update on pickup locations, timeframe, and reimbursement for shipping costs?

Once a location is finalized, there will be a range of dates that backers can pick up their tables. We’ll be storing them in a warehouse and can work with you on the time of day that you want to pick them up. As for shipping reimbursements, we’ll process a refund on the card you used to purchase the tables for everything minus $50 to cover the shipping from China to that location.

  • Have any cities gotten close to or already surpassed the 50 person threshold for local pickup? A list of cities with 40 or more would be nice, as it might encourage other people from those cities to update their pledge manager to local pickup as well.

The cities that we know for sure will have local pickup are Seattle and LA. We also want to have a city in Texas, but the tables are spread out (and that’s a big state), so we need to figure out which city works best. New Jersey would likely be the final city for local pickup. There is a possibility that Chicago could have local pickup, but it looks unlikely at this point. For all local pickup options, they’ll most likely be somewhat near a port in that city.

  • What is the ETA for add-ons being shipped?

The Wooded Realms accessories will ship along with the tables, but we’re going to try to get the C4 labs accessories to backers sooner if we can.

  • If we are picking up locally (in WA state or otherwise) are we going to be charged full shipping when the pledge manager closes?

No, you’ll just be charged the $50 for local pickup.

  • How final is the screen printed board game boards on the back side of the mats? Is it possible to get them blank or another color? Will there be an option to purchase a double sided mat in the future for replacement and if so, what is your ballpark  cost estimate?

The backs of the mats will have the pre-printed templates on them, but we will be selling additional mats and colors. We’re not going to mark them up much from cost and are going to do everything we can to get them under $100 each. That’s the goal, but not a guarantee, so it’s possible that could change.

  • How can I change my shipping address?

If you want to change your shipping address, to go backerkit.com and you can change it there. If your pledge manager is locked, send Nathan a message and he can help you with it.

  • Is it still possible to switch to local pickup and if so, how?

Yes. You still have time to go into backerkit and change your survey answers. If your pledge manager is already locked, message Nathan and he can help you out with it.

  • Will the playmat have a sealed edge to prevent fraying?

We are unsure at the moment.

  • Can we see what they look like inside of the table / was the well adjusted for the thinner mat rather than the wooden plank?

We have a table in our warehouse that we’ll be setting up in a local barcade here in Seattle. As soon as we do that, we’ll take some pictures. Do note that this is a pre-production table and while the overall quality will be just as good, some of the minor finishing touches will not be present.

  • What are the package dimensions and weight for each table?

We’re not sure of the package dimensions at this point, but the weight of the standard table is between 100-130 lbs and the XL is around 150-160 lbs. When we get closer to last-mile delivery, we’ll have more specifics on size and weight of the packages.

  • Will communication improve? Why don’t you post regular status updates?

We will be posting updates regularly, probably on a bi-weekly cadence. If Nathan is unavailable to make a post, Mike will be the one to do it. We don’t want updates to be happening in the comments section where they can easily become lost in the noise.

  • I was looking for the section with my accessories I ordered did that move? Will I be able to get the accessories I ordered with my table?

Nothing has been removed. Message Nathan if you’re having trouble.

  • If I choose local pickup can I get the $150 in accessories, like another chair and acrylic battle mat?

This would be a difficult thing to process. What we’ll likely do is refund you the extra shipping money and you’ll have to purchase any additional accessories you want.

  • How are things going with the factory, in general? Has switching to the other factory has solved the problems experienced with Michael's factory?

Yes! One of the biggest problems with the original factory were outside temperatures. It gets below freezing there and they didn’t have much in the way of heating inside the factory. The current factory is in a temperate area, which is better for the wood and the workers.

  • Now that a third-party factory is in use, will this negatively affect post-campaign production of tables? If so, have you considered moving production to a USA factory instead? As I understand it, the reason to build in China was Michael's factory connection. If that's totally humped anyway, wouldn't moving domestic solve the whole tariffs & shipping problem [for North America customers]?

This was always the plan, the timetable just moved up when the old factory was having problems. Open to moving to the US if it makes sense, but no plans as of yet.

  • We've been just clamoring for answers to questions because we want to see progress from our investment in what we backed. Would it be possible to show the tables being built at the new factory?

Yes. Nathan will be going to China within the next month or so and will take pictures of production. Will ask Michael to take some pictures and videos in the short-term.

  • Are XL tables shipping at the same time, before, or after regular tables?

Yes, all tables sizes will be shipping together.

  • Being a premium addition that is better than the wood option, what are the specific reasons that the playmat is a better option than wood outside of the warping issue due to the humidity in the factory?

There are a few reasons the mats became the default play surface. First and foremost, they just feel better. They’re less rigid and smoother to play on. Additionally, if you ever want to remove the playfield (or replace it), you’d have a big board that you’d need to take out and store somewhere. They’re also not as breakable as the wood ones are. Breaking the playfield would be devastating. With how much better the mats are from the wood, we decided to just make them the standard.

  • What is the cutoff date to request a refund?

As long as you haven’t received your table, you can request a refund. That being said, we are asking for people to wait on refunds until we get some cash flow from the tables. Send Nathan a message in Kickstarter to let him know you'd like one.

  • Bonus question: Have you been to "Add-A-Ball" barcade in Fremont lately? I love that place.

Yes and Nathan loves it. He would love to meet up with anyone to play some pinball around the Seattle area!

  • Are there set deadlines for updating the shipping address?

No, but the plan is to give everyone two weeks to make changes after the new products are added. Because tables are being produced in volumes higher than just for backers, it gives us some flexibility with address changes.

  • I am a local pickup but noticed that accessories also have shipping costs (in addition to the $50 storage fee). Will those be refunded at a later time?


  • Is there a way in the table - like a ridge or something - that will keep the edges of the new play field from rolling up?

No, but they don’t roll up on the table. They also lay flat after being rolled up and stored. Playfields that have been rolled for over a month come down and lay flat right away.

  • When you say local pick up in "Seattle" are we actually talking about Seattle or would it be a different city in WA?

Our first option would be in the Sodo area of Seattle. That way it’s in Seattle proper, but not downtown. If not in Sodo, we’d most likely be looking at Kent or Tukwila on the south end or Shoreline or Lynnwood on the north end.

That wraps up the livestream. Thanks again for all your support and we're looking forward to getting these tables into your homes!


Info for tomorrow's livestream
10 days ago – Fri, Oct 11, 2019 at 08:20:47 PM

Hey folks,

Since we can't do a Kickstarter Live update, Ill be hosting the Livestream at http://twitch.tv/WoodedRealms

We'll start around 10 AM PST, and once the video is done I'll post a link to it in another update.

See you tomorrow!

[!] Q&A Livestream this weekend!
13 days ago – Wed, Oct 09, 2019 at 03:16:58 AM

Hello Ream Folk!

I want to announce that we'll be doing a live stream this Saturday 10/12, around 11:00 AM PST!  The stream will cover the latest news on everyone's tables, the factory, and pickups.

Please post your questions in the comment section of this update, and Mike will collect them all for me to review.  I'll post another update with details closer to Saturday.

Talk to you guys on Sunday!


[!] An Early October Update
28 days ago – Mon, Sep 23, 2019 at 07:04:24 PM

Hello Realm Dwellers!

I have a couple of updates for everyone, and I know many of you have been waiting to hear back.  I'm still working on responding to the rest of the folks in my messages, but here is some info that will apply to everyone!

Production Update

The new factory is working out great for us!  Michael is on site, overseeing the newly trained staff, and they are once again producing tables for our first shipment to the US.  I'm waiting to hear back on whether we have a firm ship date, but it should be any day now!

US Tables On Display

This is some fun news, especially if you live in the PNW.  We have a few tables that we've brought over from China (not using the planned freight method), and we're negotiating to have them in use at some local businesses!  I'll have some locations in the next update.

The Refund Update

As I mentioned in the last update, we have had most of our cash moved to China for covering production costs.  The extended delays and high likelihood of tariffs have eaten into profits, to the point where we need to focus on ensuring we have capital to pay for operations between now and our retail debut.  NOTE! We still have enough money to fulfill our backer's pledges, and do some regular promotions, but we're at the stage where actual available cash is not readily at hand.

Therefore, I will ask for folks who have requested a refund to please wait until tables have begun shipping.  In events of extreme hardship I can make exceptions, but I do ask for your patience while we get through our first production run.  Note that this does not affect pre-orders.

Store Products

New variations and products will appear in the store this week!

That's everything for now.  Keep an eye on the @WoodedRealms Instagram for updates on when you'll be able to see Wooded Realms Tables in public, and for our shipping updates on the latest ones!

Minor KS Update for y'all
about 1 month ago – Sun, Sep 08, 2019 at 12:41:39 AM

Hey guys~

I wanted to let you guys know that I'm getting ready to post some information on our factory build process, and more importantly for those of you who have requested a refund in the last 30-40 days and are waiting for an update.  Also, products are still coming to the store!  Talk to you soon!