2nd Breakfast: An Affordable, Quality Board Game Table

Created by Wooded Realms

An affordable, practical, fully featured board game table. 100% hardwood, now available in two sizes! Ships to US & Canada

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An Informal Survey
about 1 year ago – Fri, Sep 14, 2018 at 09:19:09 PM

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$250,000! New Table Leg heights! Come See 2nd Breakfast In Person! Reddit AMA!
about 1 year ago – Thu, Sep 13, 2018 at 04:32:45 PM

Wooded Realms at Arcade Comics on 09/22!  Click for the FB Event Page
Wooded Realms at Arcade Comics on 09/22! Click for the FB Event Page

 What's up Realmsmen!

Once again we have a feast of updates that I am excited to share with you, and trust me, we haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet!  Some things are in the works that I think will bring you levels of joy heretofore unseen in the Wooded Realms!

LAST MINUTE ADD: I will be hosting a Reddit AMA on Monday, September 17th, at 10:00 AM PST at www.reddit.com/r/boardgames/

Enough hype, let's get into the details.  We've got a packed update for you today, starting with a bunch of announcements for ways to get involved with 2nd Breakfast, and for some of you, to see the table in person!  But first, lets get into some news that everyone will enjoy!

$250,000 Stretch Goal Unlocked! LEGS 4 ALL

Thank you all so much for backing us, and getting the word out about the 2nd Breakfast Kickstarter!  Every dollar you pledge brings me closer to my dream of working on Wooded Realms as a self-employed entrepreneur.  And one of the plans we've had from the start is to reward everyone with the option of three different leg heights!

That's right, if you have backed the 2nd Breakfast or 2nd Breakfast XL tables, you will now be able to choose from 3 different leg heights for your table, at no extra cost!  You will be able to choose:

  • Coffee Table height: A 2nd breakfast table, at a height perfect for your living room centerpiece!  Approx. 18-20" high, this option will let you deck out your living room or rec room with all of the benefits of the 2nd Breakfast table.  Available for the Standard or XL versions
  • Dinner Table height: The original!  Enjoy Breakfast & Bananagrams, 2nd Breakfast & Catan, Elevensies & House on Haunted Hill, Lunch & Sushi Go, Tea & Scrabble, Dinner & Dice Throne or Supper & Munchkin on our standard dinner table height legs, at approx. 29-31" high.  Available for the Standard or XL versions
  • Bar Top height: You ditched that back-breaking, sperm count-lowering sitting desk for work, now you can flex your core muscles and truly play as hard as you work (while drinking a cold beer of course) with our bar top height legs, approx. 40-42" high.  Available for the Standard or XL versions

The different leg heights will all offer the same AC and USB connectivity included with every 2nd Breakfast table, and will be interchangeable thanks to a few bolts and simple connectors between the table and the legs.  Every table includes 4 legs in the height of your choice.  Additional sets of legs at the other two heights will be available as add-ons after the campaign ends.

Multiple leg heights have been part of the 2nd Breakfast plan since day one, and we're happy to announce that our enthusiastic backers have gotten us to a point where we can safely offer all three options as a way to say THANK YOU for getting us this far with over half the campaign still left to go!

Live Events!  Come say hi in Tacoma WA, Seattle WA, or Portland OR before our Kickstarter ends!

We've got several events lined up for local PNW folks leading up to our Live Kickstarter Wrap Party!

Our first party is actually our second event, taking place at Arcane Comics in Shoreline, WA!  We'll be there during Board Game Night, from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM PST.  If we can Livestream the event, we will.  If not, we'll post pics!  Either way the event will be free for folks to attend!

If you'd like to volunteer to help out at this event or any others, please email volunteer@woodedrealms.com.

Our Reddit AMA!

For fans and backers who can't make our live events, I will be hosting an AMA on Monday September 17th from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM PST.  Join me there, and ask me anything.  ANYTHING AT ALL.

Speaking of questions...

Our FAQ has been massively updated!

We know you have questions.  We try to answer them personally, but I can only provide the depth of the playfield so many times before the Caps Lock key starts getting used.  I kid, I kid (Steve, FreebooterToys, and Eldessar you the real MVPs).

I wanted to re-post one of the As in the Q&A here because I think it's more appropriate for you all to hear, and also because it does a better job of expressing my opinion about this whole crazy experience than it does actually answering a question (all the other Qs have better As, tho).

I'll  leave you with this tidbit, until the next update!  Cheers! ~N

Q: What sets you apart from other gaming tables?  

A: A lot of people might expect us to say it is the value we represent, but the truth is that we, the individuals who started Wooded Realms, have been very privileged and lucky to be able to share our passion by making the 2nd Breakfast table. Not every craftsman, or salesperson, or business owner has access to the amazing support, resources, or quality of life that has allowed us to start a business we believe in.  We are grateful to be able to offer a table backed by skill, experience, and expertise. Every day we are humbled by the amazing support of our friends and family, and now the support of our backers and fans(!). That kind of real support, both emotional and monetary, going all the way back to our parents and grandparents, is what gives us the ability to realize our vision with both precision and conviction.  

Of course, every business who builds something they love feels the same way about their products and their fans. I believe that Wyrmwood, Geek Chic, Table of Ultimate Gaming, Board Game Tables, Geek 'N Son, Rathskellers, Bandpass Design, and every other board game table manufacturer past and present are all building their products for the love of the game. Every company's passion resonates on a different frequency, and no single frequency is right or wrong. If you have the space and the cash, there are some amazing heirloom quality tables out there. If you have a dedicated gaming room and you want to showcase your love for board games, you can find that too.  

I think our frequency is somewhere between passion and practicality. We're the Scorpio of board game tables; our still waters run deep, and if you don't want to let someone see your geek flag fly, you don't have to. If your world only has enough room for one table, we have the table that can take on sextuple duty as your midnight snacking, homework finishing, dinner party having, bill doing, get-that-snake-off-of-the-table-right-now-and-take-it-outside-ing table, and still be the centerpiece of the best game night you've had in years. we have put a great deal of effort into refining our prototypes, selecting our materials, and testing until we fail our constitution roll and our dice roll out of our hands to the floor.  

And, looking at the question again, I realize it's about the tables, not the table companies. In that case, it's probably the value we represent.

Click to see more photos!
Click to see more photos!

about 1 year ago – Tue, Sep 11, 2018 at 08:20:30 PM

See the 2nd Breakfast prototype up close and personal!
See the 2nd Breakfast prototype up close and personal!

 Wow lots of new information AGAIN!

Heyo Realmsmen!

(I'm trying out catchy names for WR fans. Open to suggestions)

We've got even more information for you today.  First up:

We Hit $200,000 in Pledges!  TIME FOR CANADIAN SHIPPING

Many of you have asked about shipping across The Wall to the North, and we're happy to say that even the wildlings will now be able to fight the white walkers in a civilized manner!  You crazy kids have pledged to our first stretch goal before we even had a chance to tell you about the stretch goal!  We'll have more details soon, but the pledge option will be available in time for the Early Bird, with shipping prices available once we have finalized our shipping plans (also before the Early Bird ends)!

Next up:

Keep It Seated, Keep It Safe!  Matching Chairs Are Now Available!

We like to sit.  We bet you like to sit.  But what if you could sit while also protecting your valuables?  That's right, we're taking sitting to the next level - DING! Our Wooded Realms chairs will match your chosen stain, and, if you want, the cushion will match your chosen playfield color.  Underneath the cushion will be a compartment for storing your precious.  

DANGIT we should have called it the Chair of Holding.  I understand if you choose not to back us anymore because we did not call it the Chair of Holding.


Don't Miss Our Livestream tonight 09/09 at 6:00PM PST!

We will have our mobile cameras up and running, we'll show you the table, ruler in hand, how it works, what updates we plan on making, and maybe show off one of the secret features we haven't told anyone about yet!

Be sure to check it out if you want to ask a question live, or if you can't make it, the LiveStream will be available on the Kickstarter page after we're done.

That's it for today!  Who knows what tomorrow will bring?


A Small Update and a Big Deal
about 1 year ago – Sun, Sep 09, 2018 at 09:59:17 AM

Heyo fellow backers and assorted others!

Today I've just got a few tidbits for you, but I don't want to waste time so let's get right down to today's Agenda, from smallest to biggest.

Agenda Item I Follow us on Social Media!

I get that like, not everyone wants to see pictures of their table manufacturer's lunch on Instagram.  But if you have been following us, you know that we often post behind the scenes pictures from events and other small detail requests that folks have made.

If I had to pick one, I'd say follow us on Instagram, but everything gets cross-posted to the twitters and the facebooks as well.

Twitter@WoodedRealms (we have more insta followers than twitter followers, so if you don't like crowds, follow us here!)

Instagram@WoodedRealms Look for our PAX Memories wrapup!



II Updates to the campaign Page

We'll be adding a lot of the details you've been asking for in the next page update.  When is that you ask?  It will be tomorrow!  But since you've taken the time to click on this update, I figure we should spill some beans right here:

  • We will offer 4 colors/stains: Black, White, a light natural stain, and a dark natural stain.  We will also offer an unstained option.
  • We will offer 4 different colors for the playfield.  The colors are not definite as we're still sourcing materials, but expect a red, blue, black, and green option
  • Stretch Goals! Alternate leg heights! Shipping to Canada! ...More???
  • If you're really hungry for details, catch our twitch channel, and you can watch me type them up

III Live Events (not streaming, actual meat-space meetups)

Starting next week and for the next three weekends, We will be bringing our demo table to local game stores in Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland.

We'll have event pages set up this week!

IV The Big Announcement: An Optional Larger Table With a 3'x5' Playfield

Starting tomorrow we will have a new pledge level for a version of the 2nd Breakfast table that has a 36"x60" playfield!  Everything else will be the same, including all of the core accessories that come with the standard 2nd Breakfast Table! This option will be available to all who have already pledged, and will have its own Early Bird offer.  We can't wait to share all the details with you!

That's it for today's update!  See you all tomorrow!