2nd Breakfast: An Affordable, Quality Board Game Table

Created by Wooded Realms

An affordable, practical, fully featured board game table. 100% hardwood, now available in two sizes! Ships to US & Canada

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Less than 3 hours to go!
over 1 year ago – Thu, Oct 04, 2018 at 06:34:36 PM

Hey there Realmfolk!

Just a final reminder that our Kickstarter will end at 7:00 PM PST tonight! Apologies for the update spam, but I wanted to include this link to the final Q&A, which features: 

  • Higher quality video!
  • Demos of the table with games on it!
  • Nathan knocking over the camera and probably giving people motion sickenss!
  • The debut of the Weathertop shelf and vault rail system!
  • A demonstration of all the features of the LED!
  • Cool BRB graphics!
  • Our next public showing at PAX Unplugged!

Feel free to watch the video above, or check out update #14 which has a lot of final details!  See you on Christmas Island!


The Final Hours! Shipping, Final Accessory Reveal, Post Campaign details and more!
over 1 year ago – Wed, Oct 03, 2018 at 11:41:20 PM

Dongdeng Xiang shifu standing on one leaf
Dongdeng Xiang shifu standing on one leaf

 Heyo Realmfolk~

This is it, the final hours!  Once again we have more details to provide!  I'll be covering these updates in the Kickstarter Live video, starting today at 4:30pm PST, but I wanted to get it all down in writing for posterity.  Oh, and many of these pictures have been added to the hi res gallery.  Let's dive in!

Splitting Up Shipping Costs

Good News Everyone!  If you want to hold off on paying for shipping until we get closer to the actual ship date, you can now do that!  If you are in the US or Canada, and would like to delay paying for shipping, simply switch your shipping location to Christmas Island!  This will set the charge for shipping to $0, and automatically adjust your pledge down to just the cost of the table your chose.  REMINDER: Early Bird backers DO NOT switch your reward, only the shipping option!

If you are planning to choose a local pickup option, then this is a great option for you, as we won't charge you for shipping until we have secured our locations!

Also, you don't have to do this.  If you're a US backer and you don't care about paying for your reward plus shipping, you don't have to do anything.

Here's a quick step-by-step:

And you're done!
And you're done!

Leaf Strength / Leaf Lift

As the picture at the top of this update shows, Dongdeng Shifu is standing on one leaf.  It is bowing a tiny bit, but if you are going to eat a dinner that weighs as much as a man, I think being able to say "we had so much food, the table bowed" is a kind of weird badge of honor.  Anyways, this particular leaf is using the old Beech material (same as the one I have here in the US).  Michael has procured a stiffer, thicker bamboo material that will stand up (pun intended) to even more weight without bending.

We'll continue to post updates after the Kickstarter ends, so you can continue to see the progress of the leaves and the table.  Oh, speaking of progress, here's a shot of the metal gasket for the spill redirection system (we're using a rust-proof metal to further add stability to the leaves).

Finally, after extensive testing, the mechanical dowel system is still the best option.  We will be implementing a button on the underside of the frame that will push up one leaf for removal.  Similar to this: 

This is a cross section of the frame, where the leaf would be in the upper left corner.  The red line is the dowel reaching to the leaf.
This is a cross section of the frame, where the leaf would be in the upper left corner. The red line is the dowel reaching to the leaf.

 Here's an IRL example from the prototyping stage:

 And here is a photo of the gasket system prototype.  Note that we are using metal to secure the leaves together, because this will add even more stability to the leaves.

Gasket Prototype
Gasket Prototype

Table Height

There has been much discussion about the table height of late!

Here's the solution.  I spoke with a couple of backers about this in Portland, and what we're going to do is set the table to have a surface that is 1" above the standard at all heights (19" for coffee table, 31" for dinner table, and 43" for bar top), and include a matching 2" riser that will securely bolt to the bottom of all four feet.  This riser will have a dowel and a bolt to secure it properly, and the short height of the riser will not affect stability.  Here are a couple of examples of the riser:

PLEASE NOTE that the heights are subject to small changes based on the table's production, but we will absolutely keep everyone's feedback in mind whenever we make an adjustment.

The Weathertop Shelf and Secondary Rail System

Finally, here is the weathertop shelf, and the secondary rail system that will support it:

the card holder can position cards at a 90 degree angle and a ~60 degree angle in the same slot
the card holder can position cards at a 90 degree angle and a ~60 degree angle in the same slot

The shelf and future accessories will slot into the LED trench.  Since the LEDs are recessed, then raised up, the trench is available for accessories like the Weathertop!

large enough to hold a character sheet and then some
large enough to hold a character sheet and then some
can safely support a full size laptop up to 15" (17" and larger will fit, but extend off the edges)
can safely support a full size laptop up to 15" (17" and larger will fit, but extend off the edges)

The rail system is particularly strong because it grabs into the space between the frame and body of the vault, leveraging the strength of the entire Beech hardwood frame.

Strong enough to support just about anything related to board gaming or RPG games
Strong enough to support just about anything related to board gaming or RPG games

The vault rail system will be supported by C4 labs and any other producer of accessories that is interested.  The weathertop shelf will be available in the Pledge Manager after our Kickstarter ends.  Speaking of the end of the campaign... 

Post Campaign Details

Many of you have asked what will happen to Wooded Realms and 2nd Breakfast after the Kickstarter ends and tables have been delivered.  Here's the plan:

1. We are already looking at what our next project will be.  We're hoping to start our iteration process once the 2nd breakfast is in full production.  We're not 100% certain which idea we'll go with, but rest assured, you will like it!

2. 2nd Breakfast will continue to be supported, with the Kickstarter accessories and new ones that will be released soon! 

3. 2nd Breakfast and accessories will be available for pre-order once the campaign ends, at full retail price ($899 and $999 respectively).  Backers who pledged, but did not purchase a table during the campaign will have access to discount pricing during the pre-order period.

4. We will have an online store once pre-orders have been fulfilled.  The store, and all future updates from the Kickstarter will be available at www.woodedrealms.com

5. Wooded Realms is going on the road!  2nd Breakfast tables will be showcased at several large gaming conventions over the next six months!  We can't announce the locations just yet, but I am very excited for what we have planned, and I think you will be too!  I will be very excited to meet as many backers as possible as we build and ship your tables!

Ok that's it!  I look forward to seeing everyone at the Livestream, where we can talk about these updates and answer your questions!


In Which We Answer Many Questions
over 1 year ago – Thu, Sep 27, 2018 at 12:04:30 AM

Come see us this Saturday! Art by Cami Woodruff
Come see us this Saturday! Art by Cami Woodruff

Hello Realm Dwellers!

Apologies, it has been a while since I've been able to properly sit down and write a good update, so we have plenty to cover!  Some of you may know that I host a video game pub quiz every month, and so some time was devoted to putting on that event.  That does not mean that I've been neglecting the Kickstarter however!  Tina has been compiling some common questions, and I've got more information to share, so let's get to it!

The Final Showcase Will Be at Fallout Comics in Portland This Saturday!

As you can see above, our final showcase will be in Portland, OR, at Fallout Comics!  Come on down, check out the table and accessories, meet me and Tina, and pick up some discount comics while you're there!

CLICK HERE for directions.  

The table will be on display from 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM 

High Resolution Pictures Now Available!


I've put up some hi res pictures of the table and most accessories (including pictures of the table with the leaves on!) on 500px.  If there are more high resolution images you'd like to request, please comment on this update and I will ad them as I have time!

Chair and Table Stain Colors!

When you visit the high resolution gallery, the first four items are the chairs.  The colors of the chairs are the colors that we will be using for the tables.  They don't have fancy names yet, so right now they are (in order) White, Light Natural, Dark Natural, and Black.  NOTE: The Dark Natural stain will be a bit darker than is represented on the chair.

We'll have a better picture of the stain colors before you commit in the pledge manager.  Here are a few notes about the chairs:

  • There will be an option for the chair with no cushion (see pics)
  • Chairs will be offered at Bar Top height!
  • Final chairs will have 2 hinges instead of 1
  • Final chairs will use recessed black bolts, not screws

Oh, and the premium accessories will be available in the same 4 colors!

Canada Shipping and Local Pickup

So, if you are a Canadian backer, you may have noticed that the Kickstarter reward tier for your table does not charge for shipping.  If you haven't heard, the shipping cost for Canada is $50 above the US price, so the Standard is $200 to ship and the XL is $300.  This does not include VAT or duties, though we are looking at ways to keep these costs as low as possible.

As a reminder, because our shipping estimates are skewing high, if we do not end up using the total cost of shipping, we will find a way to thank you for supporting our building of the process.

Local Pickup will be available for customers in Seattle.  I'm looking at ways for you all to not have to pay the $150 up front shipping cost.  More info TBD.

Oh, and local pickup will only be for the chairs and the tables; premium accessories will be shipping out well before the tables do, and we don't want to add the logistical complexity of multiple local pickup time frames.

Our Timeline

  • Oct. 4 - KS Ends; payments begin processing
  • Oct. 15 - Survey goes out
  • Oct. 16 - Final Product design goes into production design
  • November 1 - C4 Labs begins production of premium accessories in the US
  • November 15 - Production begins in China
  • January 15 - C4 Labs finishes production of premium accessories; shipping begins
  • January 20 - First wave of tables arrive in US ports
  • February 1 - Local pickup begins (Seattle)
  • February 20 - Tables begin shipping
  • March 1 - Second wave of tables arrive in US ports
  • March 10 - Local pickup begins (City #2)
  • March 15 - Tables begin shipping
  • March 30 - Local pickup begins (City #3)
  • April 30 - All tables, chairs, and accessories are delivered

Dates are approximate and subject to change (especially the local pickup dates!)

Q's from the Comments

Finally, we've had tons of activity in the comments, thank you to the many people who are engaged and have questions about the Kickstarter!  And we are especially grateful for folks like Steve, Eldessar, and Freebooter Toys who have kept on top of many user questions that have been answered along the way.  Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support!  Let's get into the Qs:

  • What is the weight of the table? We can only estimate for now, but the Standard will be approx. 110-140 lbs, and the XL will be around 150.
  • What are the measurements of the chairs? I will include the diagrams at the bottom of this update!
  • What is the material going to be for the cushions? As usual, sourcing will determine the actual material, but the cushions will be made out of a furniture fabric, likely a suede-like material.
  • Can we see photos of the playfield material?  What is it? Similar to the cushions, the playfield material will be a durable furniture decor fabric.
  • What's the last secret? If you've been to our showcases, you've probably seen it, but I will reveal the final feature of the 2nd Breakfast table and make some cool announcements about upcoming events in our final Kickstarter Live stream!  Details coming soon!

Whew!  That's quite an update!  I hope you got some of your questions answered, please continue to share the table with your friends, gaming groups, local game stores, and facebook groups!  Let's get that final stretch goal!!


Chair Dimensions Side
Chair Dimensions Side
Chair Dimensions Front
Chair Dimensions Front
Chair Dimensions Top
Chair Dimensions Top

Let's Talk About Accessories
over 1 year ago – Mon, Sep 24, 2018 at 07:31:14 PM

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Let's talk about shipping
over 1 year ago – Fri, Sep 21, 2018 at 02:29:00 PM

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